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SimWise Capabilities

SimWise 4D is the flagship product that couples our core dynamic motion simulation technology with Finite Element Analysis to deliver a product that answers all of the questions that designers of moving mechanical products need answered. SimWise 4D is CAD neutral and can import data from all of the leading CAD systems. “Does it work?” and “Will it break?” can be answered quickly and affordably with SimWise 4D.

SimWise 4D

SimWise 4D is a smooth integration of SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA into a single mechanical simulation package. SimWise 4D provides the same independent capabilities as SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA, but the integration results in a linked Motion and FEA capability that computes the stresses caused by dynamic loads created by assembly motion.

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SimWise FEA

SimWise FEA is a Finite Element Analysis program that analyzes mechanical components for stress, normal modes, buckling, and heat transfer. It is highly automated and handles most of the FEA complexity while also providing strong capabilities for those that are well-versed in the technicalities of the Finite Element Method.

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SimWise ​Motion

SimWise Motion simulates the kinematic and dynamic motion of a design made up of assemblies of moving components, allowing you to assess its function performance and capacity to generate realistic, physics-based engineering data related with the movement of the assembly. SimWise Motion could help you answer the question "Does my design work?" but its true strength comes when combined with SimWise FEA.

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SimWise Optimization

You may start considering making trade-offs between product qualities like weight, cost, manufacturability, and performance once you've confirmed that a design will work and is strong enough to be used safely. The HEEDS optimization engine from Siemens Digital Industries Software is included into SimWise 4D and iterates quickly through a variety of design choices in search of design parameters that satisfy all objectives and criteria.

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Simulink Interface

The popular Simulink product from The MathWorks, Inc., makers of MATLAB, integrates effortlessly with SimWise Motion and SimWise 4D. A pre-defined block (SWPlant) can be added into Simulink to represent the mechanical system in SimWise, allowing you to simulate an entire system, including hydraulics, electronics, and controls.

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Simscape Multibody

Simscape Multibody  is to simulate both domains within MATLAB/Simulink itself, in this case SimWise can be used to build and validate the multibody dynamics model, and with the press of a button transfer the multibody model to Simscape Multibody where it can be connected to the control system model.

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CAD Integration

SimWise is a CAD neutral tool designed to interact with any CAD system at the best level feasible. SimWise will automatically transmit the component geometry, assembly/sub-assembly structure, part and assembly names, and material attributes. SimWise keeps linkages to the CAD model, so if the CAD model changes, the SimWise model could well be updated.

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SimWise Durability

SimWise Durability is based on well-known fatigue calculation methodologies. It offers fatigue calculations based on stress life, strain life, or factor of safety criteria. It includes over 150 fatigue-resistant materials based on the SAE J1099 standard. It generates contour graphs that illustrate either the fatigue life in cycles or the safety factor.

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