WinLIFE Fatigue Analysis Software

WinLIFE Modules

WinLIFE is a program that allows any engineer to use the results of a FEM analysis or a manual calculation for extremely sophisticated and accurate fatigue tests. WinLIFE makes access to an advanced and complete fatigue verification system simple and affordable. WinLIFE offers as in multiple modules.

WinLIFE Basic

The principles of fatigue life calculation are covered in WinLIFE BASIC. A typical WinLIFE user begins with this module, which covers the basic techniques of fatigue life computation for components used in the vehicle, airplane, energy, and shipping industries. A university edition is also available.

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WinLIFE FKM Quickcheck

WinLIFE calculates static, fatigue, and endurance limits for the point of proof utilizing FKM guidelines and sophisticated methods for welded and non-welded structures with FEA-generated local stresses. FKM always refers to One single verification point.

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WinLIFE Multiaxial

In real applications, the nature of the loads and their behavior do not allow to apply a mono-axial approach to the fatigue verification. In WinLIFE multi-axial problems can actually be simplified by tracing them back to biaxial or uniaxial, so that the entire time can be reduced considerably.

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WinLIFE Gearwheel & Bearing

This is an additional winLIFE module for finding the fatigue life of gearwheels and bearings. The fatigue life of gear wheels is limited due to damage in the gear tooth base (bending fatigue) or in the flank (pittings).  Depending on the material and the pressure, both types of damage are possible.

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WinLIFE ​Crack Growth

Crack propagation based on nominal stresses as calculated by Paris and Erdogan Ratwani equation. There are few techniques in WinLIFE for computing crack propagation, but they are quite adequate for estimate. These offer a helpful addition to the computation techniques used before the tear.

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WinLIFE Random Fatigue

An investigation of vibration fatigue in the context of PSD's random excitations This is a highly typical design process in the railway, ship, aircraft, and electrical industries. For the structure to be certified, experimental testing must be validated. Now, you can estimate fatigue through computation.

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WinLIFE Viewer

The integrated post-processor viewer for WinLIFE streamlines results presentation by requiring only a few mouse clicks to display the iso-lifes. The FE model, i.e. the FE mesh with its coordinates, as well as the computation results, are completely read in.

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WinLIFE Statistics

To allow the user to assess the quality of approximation, statistical parameters such as COI (Coefficient of importance) and the difference between the WinLife estimated fatigue results and the mathematical approximation by the fitted curve are displayed.

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Flexible Services Offerings

We provide consulting support based on your specific requirements. This could range from performing analysis for you on a project basis to providing full time staff members to help you create repeatable processes in-house. DYN3D Technologies services team can help your company in a variety of ways:

  •  Software Implementation
  •  Quick Start Project
  •  On-site Support  
  •  Mentoring
  •  Staff Augmentation  
  •  Knowledge Transfer
  •  Methods Development
  •  Consultation
  •  Training
  •  Technical Support

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